Projects / Ainsworth & Dunn

Ainsworth & Dunn Building


Seattle, WA


Meriwether Partners


31,320 sf commercial renovation
81,200 sf mixed-use residential
27,000 sf underground parking


Spring 2019, estimated

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A mixed-use residential building and an adaptive re-use of a historic structure, the Ainsworth and Dunn project, at the north end of the Seattle waterfront along the railroad tracks, captures the spirit of this moment in Seattle history.

The rehabilitation of the existing, two-story warehouse will modernize the building for commercial and office use, and add a modest, sleek addition at roof level. Seismic interventions will occur throughout the building, carefully woven through the landmarked heavy timber structure.

Construction of a new six-story structure adjacent to the historic building will include 61 large residential units and ground floor commercial space. Modern masonry cladding wraps the building on three sides while the taller mass is set back and clad in curtainwall. The glass carefully delineates the old from the new while the masonry relates back to the original Ainsworth & Dunn and existing neighborhood buildings. A one-story glazed gasket connects the two buildings at the ground floor.

Renderings: © Feature Graphics