Rotary Support Center
for Families

Seattle, WA

Wellspring Family Services

38,000 sf facility


  • Wellspring Exterior at Dusk
  • Wellspring Exterior
  • Wellspring Entry
  • Wellspring interior stair
  • Wellspring Play Yard
  • Wellspring Window Detail
  • Wellspring Common Area Dining Hall
  • Wellspring Artwork

Wellspring Family Services is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that provides services for homeless families in King County. The new Rotary Support Center for Families includes a childcare center and a retail store for recycled clothing for children. It also contains counseling offices for mental health, housing, and domestic violence as well as administrative offices.

The counseling offices and individual departments are organized into three wings that are shaped by the unique trapezoidal configuration of the site. Circulation and building services are located in the transparent bridges that connect the wings. Careful zoning of the plan and building section promotes privacy and security between the diverse programs.

The E-shaped configuration creates an exterior courtyard and an entry plaza between the wings. It also promotes day lighting to all the counseling and administrative offices. The northerly courtyard is utilized as a playground for the childcare center.

LEED Silver Certification

Photography: © Michael Burns