Ventana at the Market

Seattle, WA

Allegra Development

68,000 sf total
44 residential units
7,500 sf retail
2,000 sf office space
29 parking stalls


  • Ventana West Facing Exterior
  • Ventana South Exterior
  • Ventana Brick Window Detail

Located at the north edge of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market, the Ventana is frequently recognized as a positive exemplar for developing contemporary structures in historic (or landmark) districts.

The building’s 44 residential units are located on five floors above a commercial base. Responding to the steep gradient of Lenora Street, the building steps in section to promote the perception of two distinct structures. As an alternative to below-grade parking, two parking levels are stacked with access from Lenora Street and the alley.

Contemporary materials such as concrete and steel are integrated with the masonry façade to produce a building that is decidedly modern, yet respectful of the scale and texture of its historic brick neighbors.

Photography: © Michael Shopenn Photography