Projects / 66th Street

66th Street


Seattle, WA


Roosevelt Development Group


180,000 sf


Spring 2019, estimated

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The project planned for NE 66th Street is located in the growing Roosevelt neighborhood, adjacent to the new light rail station.

Through a series of simple steps, the building form is expressed as three elegantly proportioned masses floating above a glassy base. The street level setback reinforces the massing diagram and expresses the construction of the building, as well as providing an enhanced pedestrian experience.

The facade of each section is then cardinally oriented to the west (connections to the transit node), the north (facing the school and park), and the east (connections to the neighborhood). The primary north facade becomes “woven” through the influence of movement, color, and the neighborhood context. The east and west are similar, with distinctions that respond to their orientation.

Renderings: © Feature Graphics
Illustrations: © Weinstein A+U