Downtown Residence

Seattle, WA

2,500 sf residence

Estimated Completion

  • Downtown Res Living Area
  • Downtown Res Seating Area and View
  • Downtown Res Kitchen
  • Downtown Res Office
  • Downtown Res Office
  • Downtown Res Guest Bath
  • Downtown Res Master Shower
  • Downtown Res Art Wall
  • Downtown Res Dining Area

Located on the 19th floor of the Millennium Tower, this custom interior build-out has expansive views over Pioneer Square, Puget Sound and out to Mount Rainier.

The interior environment is warm and contemporary. Two unique elements, a kinetic island and an egg-shaped office, are designed to subdivide the loft-like space and define activity zones within open floor plan.

Artisan-crafted materials such as hand-patinated steel, cast glass, and wood paneling made of pear and sycamore are used throughout the home.

Featured in Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine, 2010

Photography: © Paul Warchol