BelRoy Apartments

Seattle, WA

Point 32

80,000 sf
109 residential units


  • Belroy Exterior
  • Belroy Exterior
  • Belroy Courtyard
  • Belroy Courtyard
  • Belroy Entry
  • Belroy Interior Stair
  • Belroy Interior
  • Belroy Exterior Courtyard
  • Belroy Exterior

Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hlll neighborhood, the historic 51-unit BelRoy Apartments was preserved, renovated, and augmented with the addition of 58 new residential units. The new residential community includes underground parking, network of landscaped open spaces, and a restaurant/bar.

In order to achieve sufficient density while keeping additions in scale with the landmarked BelRoy Apartments, a Contract Rezone was secured that located a six-story structure along the site’s north property line. This strategy allowed new structures adjacent to the BelRoy to match its original 3-story height. Although the Contract Rezone process was challenging, enthusiastic community support yielded a win-win outcome for both the developers and the neighborhood.

Reflecting the organization of the BelRoy, the adjacent structures also utilize point-block circulation with paired units accessed by individual stairways. This strategy eliminated internal corridors while optimizing natural ventilation and daylight. It also activated the street and courtyards by providing for multiple entries at ground level.

City of Seattle Peoples’ Choice Urban Design, 1st Place in Lowrise, 2015

Photography: © Lara Swimmer Photography