Alhadeff Condominium

Seattle, WA

N. Jack Alhadeff

2,750 sf condominium interior


  • Alhadeff Dining Room
  • Alhadeff Entry
  • Alhadeff Art Display
  • Alhadeff Interiors
  • Alhadeff Kitchen
  • Alhadeff Interiors
  • Alhadeff Bar
  • Alhadeff Detail

Located on the 18th floor of Seattle’s prestigious Millennium Tower, this residential interior was designed to emphasize the dramatic views as well as to provide a gracious setting for the owner’s extensive art collection.

Conceived as a system of interlocking cabinets that define spaces and contain infrastructure, the unit expresses refinement in all its materials and detailing. A palette of limestone floors, walnut cabinets, etched steel and granite countertops, and cast glass elements creates a harmonious and calm interior.

Photography: © Paul Warchol